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Observation, particularly the observation of nature, is the beginning of understanding. When the calls, behaviors, and even the guts of a bird, are observed or 'read', foretelling the future , we call it 'augury'— an age-old method of fortune-telling and divination. Here though, it is the bird itself that prophesies its own meaning, free of outside interpretation. That freedom to self define, to respond to internal questioning, engendered this Bird of Prey image, consisting of an interconnecting set of maps; the tiny avatars of meaning and destination that define it.


SKU: 632835642834572
  • Photographic reproductions of original oil paintings reproduced on archival Fine Art Paper especially made to maintain high quality colour fidelity and lightfast durability (no fading). This museum quality paper has a light sheen finish and a 1/2 inch white border to accommodate framing with or without matting (Frames and matting are not included).

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