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work in progress


work in progress


The Snowmen of August

30"x 43", 2023

The Snowmen of August




Tyger Studies (sketch)


Tyger Studies (sketch)

2023, 27"x 32"


In Progress

Tyger Studies (Restriction)

from:Tyger Studies, 2022, 30"x 40"

The Old Guitarist (Redux)

Detail (in progress)

Detail -The Old guitarist (Redux)

42"x 52" 2021

Tyger Studies: A Time with No Kings


Tyger Studies: A Time with No Kings

digital drawing 2021

A Time With No Kings (sketch)

40"x 52" 2021, oil

Bellow (Actaeon Staggers)-Sold

28'x 28", 2021, oil

Hades Blues

52"x 82", 2020, oil

Animus Possidendi (A Wickedness of Light)

Bellow (detail)

24"x 28", 2020, oil

Icarus (sketch for A Wickedness of Light)

Icarus (sketch) detail

Fragment at Vancouver International Airport

48"x 56", 2020, oil

Flame Serpent, Shadow Serpent

32"x 48", 2020, oil

The Navigations

Flame Serpent, Shadow Serpent (detail)

Dead Reckoning 2 at Vancouver International Airport

Storm Flags (Detail)

48"x 56", 2020, oil

Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning (detail)

22"x 28", 2020, oil

Black Moon

46"x 60", 2019, oil

Axes Mundi (A Lament for Lorca)

54"x 64", 2019

Colossus (Villanelle 2)

23"x 27", 2019, oil

Dead Reckoning 2

48"x 62", 2016, oil

When the Gods Die

Axes Mundi (A Lament for Lorca) detail

24"x28", 2019, oil


Noli me Tangere-detail (Sold)

54"x 74", 2017, oil

Noli Me Tangere (Sold)

28"x 36", 2018, oil, acrylic resin

Safe Harbour

30"x 50", 2017, oil

Athen's Children

Athen's Children (Detail)

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